Who we are

In 1996 born Axe Inversores, a little familiar Company dedicated tothe management of real estate assets as well as investment in them.

Over the years we have been growing, adapting to new methods of dissemination, without ever losing the close relationship with the customer, always with a dynamic and active workforce.

In the present we operate with the utmost professionalism and efficiency, aimed at meeting the requirements of our customers, providing solutions.

Our presence in foreign sales platforms gives us customers worldwide, expanding our market share..

Since 1996, AXE Investors has completed hundreds of real estate transactions.

In fiscal 2014 we closed 17 successful operations of large assets. Increasing both the value and size of transactions carried out by our customers.

With the application of new technologies, we have opened market share throughout Europe, Asia, United States and Russia.

Offering professional advice in real estate transactions, both to individuals seeking their first home, as funds and investors who grow their heritage day by day.

From day one, all our efforts are to serve our customers.

Involved to the end in operations, AXE investors, has departments of financial advice, professionals dedicated to rehabilitate assets to give them a higher market value. Our retail department is at the service of our customers to the total closure of operations, resolving doubts and setbacks that may arise quickly, personal and efficiently.

Helping businesses of our environment, to make possible the requirements of investors. And be able to offer the best product as soon as possible, without impacting on the professionalism of our service, which is a benchmark of quality for us.

Axe investors is presented as a business resource, dynamic, implemented in e-commerce, without losing what is our identity, dealing directly with the customer.

We keep working and putting all our team, resources and expertise, available to everyone. Relying on our team, and offering professionalism and confidentiality to investors, we have the formula for meet our objetives

AXÈ inversores · Ctra. de Santa Coloma, 5 entresuelo 2ª · Badalona, Barcelona · Tel: 934605398 · axe@axeinversores.com
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